Royal King

We make some awesome equipment, not because we want to be rich, but because we want riders to have a great time when they push the limits.

That is why we make a quality product that we could probably charge twice as much for, but we don’t.

It all starts with the Alpine Kit.  This is a revolutionary brake design consisting of the largest rotor on the market today and incorporating the latest state of the art aerodynamic wave design technology. Why does the AlpineKit works and why it is so unique?


At the pinnacle of mountain biking, numerous factors dictate the most specialised requirements for component success. We use state of the art 3 dimensional solid modelling/design and Finite Element Analysis CAD facilities to design the best components possible. Using this sophisticated research development technology we can test our products and push the limits simulating true racing requirements.

Cooling Capacity

It has a radical new disc rotor design with a profiled contour to increase surface area therefore maximising heat dissipation by transferring heat from the rotor to the surrounding air cooling the calliper, pads and oil down, also due to the rotor’s aerodynamic design as the rotor moves through the air it displaces the surrounding air creating a small convection current around the rotor’s surface, this convection current rapidly dissipates heat from the surface of the rotor all in aid of increasing braking efficiency. Test the AlpineKit’s cooling capacity by activating the demo below.

We also have a range of key bolts and stickers that will up your bike’s look.

Mountain Biking Elements

Bike equipment is no joke. There are a ton of different options for each component on the bike. We want to make sure you choose only the best. Take a look at this infographic:
Bike elements

From Visually.

It shows that you have options for your seat, handle bars, tires, tracks. You even get to choose your pedals.

Maybe the most important thing is making sure you have a rack that fits your automobile. You want to be able to drive to the best trails around right? Well you won’t always be able to stroll out from your garage and ride to them. Sometimes you need to drive a couple hundred miles in order to freshen up some new trails and live some new experiences.

So what are the basic parts of the mountain bike?

  1. Frame – this is what holds everything together.
  2. Wheels – here you can also break it down to tries, spokes, and hub
  3. Brakes – don’t skimp here because it’s the only thing that will bring your bike to a stop that doesn’t involve crashing.
  4. Saddle – this is the “seat” of your bike. Definitely going for comfort here.
  5. Seatpost – you want to be able to adjust your saddle up and down.
  6. Pedals – this is how you are going to make contact with your bike and move it forward.
  7. Crankset – this transfers the energy from your pedals to the backwheel. There are two parts, the arm and the chain rings.
  8. Front Derailleur – where the chain connects to the pedals
  9. Read Derailleur – where the chain connects to your back wheel.
  10. Stem – what connects the fork to the handle bar.
  11. Handle Bar – this has two parts, the brake levers which activates the brakes, and the shifters which enable you to change gears.
  12. Fork – where the frame splits in two for your front tire

Lot of components go into a good mountain bike, so there is a lot for your to learn about. But, nothing beats the experience of hitting the trails and racking up miles on your own. Just remember to do it safely.

Mounting Biking in Africa

You want to see something crazy? How about downhill mountain biking in the wilds of Africa?

This video was put together by Red Bull. They wanted to explore some new terrain with Kyle Jameson and ended up in Namibia, Africa.

Kyle strapped on a GoPro while also getting some footage shot from cameras above and near him. The results are pretty spectacular.

It also shows what they went through to find these impressive locations.  Camping out near the desert in tents, pushing bikes up steep inclines, and trying to avoid wiping out on the hard terrain.

I think it’s important to mention that you shouldn’t try a lot of this at home.  These guys are experienced bikers who know how to handle steep slopes and uneven terrain.  They are going at incredibly fast speeds.  So fast your average rider would put themselves in significant danger if they tried to keep up.


Red Raven’s NCAA Tournament Contest

Do you like college basketball and love mountain biking?  If so then we have the contest for you.  This year we are doing a bracket pool.  It’s going to be free to enter and the winner will get $500 in store credit!  I know it sounds too good to be true but it isn’t.

It’s not like it’s the $1 billion that Yahoo offered to give away for a perfect bracket back in 2014, but for mountain bike enthusiasts like us, it’s worth the time it takes to fill it out.

The format is going to be pretty simple.  We will be running it through Yahoo’s site.  All you have to do is login to your account, or create one if you don’t have one, join our pool, and then fill out your bracket.

The scoring will be the usual.  You get a point for every opening round winner you select.  We won’t count the play in games so we don’t have to cut the contest entries off early.  Then you’ll get two points for every win in the second round, four in the third round, eight for the fourth, 16 for Final Four winners, and 32 if you pick the champion.

For the tiebreak we are going to use the total points scored in the championship game.  I think these rules are pretty basic and used by most of the pools out there.

Now we want everyone to have a chance to go perfect, we don’t care if the odds are next to impossible.  That is why we recommend checking out the bracket guide at Boyds Bets.  These guys have done a ton of research on what seeds have the best chance at pulling an upset, how many underdogs make it to the Sweet 16, what teams have the best chances at Final Fours, and who has the best odds of cutting down the nets.

We might know a thing or too about mountain bikes, but the experts with Boyd know how to bet.  That’s why we trust their recommendations to give us the best chance at winning the pools we are in.

Remember – this contest is absolutely free to enter!  There is no reason not to sign up and give it your best chance of winning.  Even if you don’t use the store credit, you can use it for buying gifts or giving it to someone who loves mounting biking as much as we do!